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I never started collecting GIjOEs. The fact is I never stopped. My collection was interrupted when my parents gave my stuff to my cousin after I joined the Army. The same way with my baseball card collection.

Though I never got them back back I found one of my GIjOEs in a box and just put it away. When the little guys came out I bought a bunch of them which lead me to buy the 12in HOF Joes in the late 80's. During the 1994 Quonset Air Show I got to work with Hasbro who were there selling the 30th Anniversary Joe sets. I got 3 sets and a great baseball hat.

During September of 94 I moved to Alabama and a year later managed a hobby shop buying it in 1996. I started gathering GIjOEs at yard sales and taking them in trade for hobby supplies.

In 1997 I found a group on AOL dedicated to GIjOE and started posting. Then the group moved to the USENET group now known as The Sandbox. Several other groups popped up or were already existing such as The Trenches. These groups kept me collecting.

Today I sponsor in part with Sideshow Collectibles the Joelanta Vehicle, diorama, and figure contest. This contest has been going on for 12 years and has included talent from all parts of the world.


The picture on the right is me during the Huntsville Veterans Day Parade. This picture was posted on one of Dragon's forum sites (Cyberhobbies). Then a year later "Dave" was released. One thing that should be noted is that when the "Big Red One" landed almost all of the soldiers were wearing the mustard M1938 wool trousers. My uniform (HBT utility uniform) though worn by the BR1 was a fluke and uncommon on D-Day.